Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Trip

Moving On

Julia graduated May 29, 2009. Now I'm moving on to other important projects like learning computer so I can organize my pictures and stay in contact with the whole world and do my geneology and life history. I also think I'll start watercoloring again. I did it in high school and was pretty good so that's another option. And traveling is on of my hobbies. So, for Norlen's b-day I dragged him to Washington, DC which was one of the best trips we've ever had. I think it's because we got to live history and walk in the past of this great country. I was amazed at everything from the monuments to the White House. The Holocaust Museum and Arlington Cemetary broke my heart along with Gettsburg. To read the Gettysburg Address right at the sight of that battle was overwhelming. Then to see Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg where we stayed for several days. Coming back to DC all I wanted to see was the DC temple. As we came around the corner it's spires vaulted right out of the green trees. It was breath taking. The visitors center was one of the largest I've ever seen. We also saw the Washington Catherdral. Each museum we saw in a few hours and each city in a few days. You could easily spend a year and not see everything. We took the bridge over the Chesapeake Bay and went to Virginia Beach. We saw Georgetown and China town. In fact the man from Spanish Fork that I sat by on the plane was standing in the rain on a corner in China town. Out of all the places we'd been and all the people we saw that was a neat experience. Someday I'll know why it happened. Norlen said he enjoyed it but I think I wore him out. He had blisters on his feet the first day so we had to invest in duct tape which works very well. Then I came home and read the book Left to Tell and watched the movie Hotel Rawanda and Gettysburg. Now I'm going to learn about the Spanish Inquisition that so many in Spain talked about when I was there 35 years ago.

School Days Are Over

Sunday, April 5, 2009

30th Anniversary!!!

Luckily I had Jennica home for Conference so she helped me again on this blog. I think I have it down now so I can stay caught up. Feb. 17th Norlen and I went to Puerto Rico for our 30th anniversary. Wow, can you believe it. After 2 days on the island driving to a rainforest and Camuy caves (fun, fun, fun) we cruised several islands and Norlen did some diving on Aruba and Curacao.

My favorite island was St. Lucia where Norlen had a picture taken with this boa. Of course everyone wanted money for a picture. This island is very tropical and lush with rain forests and Pitons which are two high mountain peaks on one side. We hiked to a hot sulfur spring and across some hanging bridges to a plantation where they showed us how to juice sugar cane, make cocoa from the beans, and our guide named all species of plants and flowers. They stopped in a very poor part where the only water they had was in big black barrels on top of the roof. If it didn't rain, they had no water. Many are unemployed and eat what they grow and fish from the ocean. They cannot cut down a tree or they spend a year in jail because they found when they cut down trees the rain would cut in half.

The prettiest islands were the Dutch owned Aruba and Curacao with their brightly painted buildings. I went snorkling on a pirate type shipbut the fish and coral weren't as beautiful. I think we were there almost 15 years ago and now there are so many tourists it has destroyed much of the beauty.

We sure had a great time, met some wonderful people (a 90 year old man from Belgium) and ate fantastic food. About half the ship was from Europe, one fourth from Canada and the rest from the USA. This Galaxy ship only had one more trip and then it was being sold to Germany. When we stopped on Grenada the ship gave all the extra beds, bedding, etc. to the islanders. So many of them are quite poor. One of the islands had traded their UN vote to China so they could have a road built from one side to the other. We are soooo blessed to live in America and have more than enough of everything. I really am sad when people complain about what they don't have because there is no one on earth that is blessed as much as we are !!!!! God bless America.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Highlights of 2008!

Winter 08

I started this blog Dec. 2008 to keep everyone up on the Norlen Dalton family news. This year we added two new grandchildren to our family. Kelly and Michelle had a baby girl on May 9th and named her Isabella, and Jill and Zerin had a baby boy on November 10 and named him David Hyrum Brewer. They are both so cute!! We sure love them! Norlen and I celebrated our 30th anniversary November 3rd. Whoa what a long life! haha! Jenna and Kyler are lovin life in Provo... the City, and Julia finished her CNA. Yay! We were able to go to Michigan in August and visit Kelly and Michelle for the blessing of their baby. It was so fun to see the area. We spent a week touring around Lake Michigan, and ended up running into Kyler in Michigan. He happened to have taken a flight to a converts father's funeral there. It was someone he baptised when he was on his mission. He lives in Provo by Kyler. It was so funny to see him there too! Well I will try to keep up on this blog so everyone knows what the Dalton family is doing. Love to all!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!